Brands of deep fryers

Brands of deep fryers

If you are new to deep frying, at some point you might face the dilemma of selecting a deep fryer. You may want one for your own home – French fries and onion rings taste better homemade! In that case, budget and value will be integral: you’d want the deep fryer best suited for your specific culinary interests.

We’d like to help you by offering a short roundup of the reviews offered by the world’s top deep-frying units. This roundup focuses solely on deep fryers used to cook food in one’s home.

That way you can be sure none of the products below have been priced for commercial use.

If you would like to review the deep fryers, you can also visit websites where other units have been reviewed. Such sites (among others) include Crispy and Golden, Top Ten Reviews, Deep Fryer Reviews and Best Reviews.

After all, we cannot list the deep fryers named by every web rating and deep-fry product reviews.

National Presto Industries, Inc.

Frequenting many of the web’s top-ten deep fryer lists are the units made and developed by National Presto Industries, Inc. Presto offers a wide variety of deep fryers, many of which are quite big. What’s more, Presto units have features added to make them safer for home usage.

Given their size and safety, Prestos are a fantastic choice for a person hoping to start a small family. Three of the best deep fryers made by Presto are the Pro Fry, GranPappy and DualDaddy deep fryers.

Each of these deep fryers is powered by a 1500-1800W source, meaning that their heat rises quite fast. The temperature of the Pro Fry deep fryer is also adjustable; DualDaddy and GranPappy units have a fixed thermostat, which keeps the inside heat optimal.

All of Presto’s products are built to satisfy the North American Electrical Standards.

Hamilton Beach

One of the most popular deep fryers is the Hamilton Beach 12-cup deep fryer. Hamilton Beach promises improved deep frying with a clean-up that is more straightforward. These products have been tried and tested; with Hamilton, storage is straightforward and clean-up is fast and efficient.

Many people face the problem of hot oil spatter when using deep fryers. It’s risky and makes the clean-up toilsome. Most Hamilton deep fryers have been finished with a layer of non-stick material; hence, the clean-up is much easier.

The Hamilton Beach 12-cup unit has a substantial volume suited to big batches. This unit comes with an element that is completely submerged, meaning the heat rises quite fast.

A light will tell you when your food has been deep-fried; what’s more, the heat can be adjusted to suit the type of deep-fried food.

Waring Products

Waring Products offer a wide range of units that are quite powerful. Waring also promises that you will get the crisp tastiness of the fry while managing to avoid a huge mess. The current favorite of the Waring deep fryers is the Pro DF280 Stainless Steel.

The Pro DF280 won Top Ten Reviews’s Gold Award in 2016. This sizeable deep fryer holds 2.3lb of food, a gallon of oil and two mesh baskets. Designed for quick browning, Waring’s Pro DF280 has a timer, a lid, a small viewing window and a 1000W-powered immersion-style element.

Waring’s other deep fryers include digital deep fryers, a fry with three baskets and a rotisserie turkey fryer/steamer.


Another top-10 runner in the deep-fry range is the T-fal EZ Clean series. T-fal’s units are quite diverse; moreover, thanks to the units’ innovative design, T-fal presents a much healthier option for deep frying your food fast.

T-fal’s EZ Clean series has a heat range that lets you fry different food types. Oil absorption remains quite low too, thanks to the unit’s quick-recovery heating system.

Storage is simple, with used oil filtered into a vessel beneath the machine; this makes re-using the oil more straightforward.

GoWise USA

An unlikely runner-up is the GoWISE USA 4th Generation Air Fryer, which ranks high on both Amazon and Best Reviews.

Air fryers are a great way to save on oil. What’s more, the 4th Generation has pre-set meal choices, which you can select using the unit’s digital display. Among the great features are a timer, pre-set programs (shrimp, steak, fish, chips, chicken), a temperature dial (175-400ºF) and a non-stick finish.

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