What is deep frying?

What is deep frying?

The invention of deep frying dates back to the fifth millennium BC. Since then, great leaps in the tradition have taken place, specifically in Europe, Japan and parts of North America. Many different types of food can be deep-fried, whether they are small, big, sweet or savory.

Generally speaking, the way to deep fry food involves the use of a vessel containing hot oil. Food gets lowered into the vessel, where it cooks, becoming brown and crispy. After a time, the food is removed and then eaten once it is left to cool down.

What are the main features of an electric deep fryer?

An electric deep fryer is a type of kitchen appliance that fries food in oil. Deep fryers are used in restaurants, at home and for recreational purposes. They come in several sizes, differing based on the amount and type of food that you will cook.

The electric deep fryer has a cord to help power the unit. In some deep fryers, electricity lets you adjust several of the unit’s settings, including fry time and temperature. Control over the heat lets you monitor the deep-fry process; hence, the problem of burning or under-deep-frying gets solved.

The cooking chamber is a main part of the electric deep fryer; it is where food gets deep-fried. Oil temperature inside the chamber increases to a level between 300-400ºF.

Food is then placed into the oil, turning it into a dark brown/gold – without too much oil spatter, ideally.

To protect yourself (obviously, oil gets quite hot), some units come fitted with deep-fry baskets. A basket lowers the risk of oil burning or harming you during the process.

Baskets have handles, which, unlike the whole basket, do not drop below the oil line when you cook.

Baskets vary in shape and size. Deep fryers get used in both kitchens and commercial food outlets; in restaurants, deep-fried food generally gets made in far larger amounts than it does in one’s home kitchen. Deep fryers sometimes have lids, or oil drawers where the deep-fry basket would be.

What types of food can you make using an electric deep fryer?

One of the chief benefits of making deep-fried food is how big the choice is in terms of deep-fried options. Most food can be deep-fried; as we said, though, sometimes the food will spatter, resulting in a burn or harm coming to the user. You need to be careful when choosing which food you would want to deep fry.

You can deep fry just about any meal – sweet or savory. Popular meals include shrimp, fish, chicken and – of course – French fries.

If you’ve never deep-fried food, make sure no water remains in whatever you’d like to deep fry. Water and oil do not mix: the consequence would be a hot spatter, blistering and possibly harmful.

Even with small portions, make sure there is no water left in your food.

Why would a person deep fry food?

Because of the versatility of some deep fryers, few foods cannot be deep-fried, and deep frying can have some benefits.

Some of the reasons you might like to deep fry food include:

  • To preserve the flavor
  • To prepare it quickly
  • To provide a brown coat
  • To add flavor and texture to raw foods

Deep frying does its job fast and provides a crisp, golden coat, adding flavor to raw foods or preserving food’s flavor,keeping it sealed inside. In cases where the food has been cooked, deep frying gives it a brown finish.

The risk posed by too much deep-fried food

As we’ve seen, deep frying is done often for the purpose of preserving food’s flavor. That perk, though, can have several side-effects. Tasty though it may be, deep frying is actually quite bad for one’s health.

Research done by the Harvard School of Public Health proves that there are links between the consumption of deep-fried food and cases of chronic health conditions.

It shows that the risk of developing heart problems is associated with the consumption of deep-fried food. The same diet threatens to result in type-2 diabetes.

According to the research, such health risks stem from the degradation of reused oil. With time, more oil is absorbed into the food, causing high blood pressure, weight gain and high cholesterol.

Fried food eaten at restaurants, where oil gets reused, presents a large health risk as a result.


Deep frying gives you the choice to increase the variety of food you consume. Over and above range, deep frying lets you quickly prepare better (better-tasting at least) food!

Obviously, you will need to consider the risk of deep frying to your health; so pay attention to the amount of food you deep fry!

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