What is the best deep fryer for home use?

What is the best deep fryer for home use?

When it comes to choosing your first deep fryer, you will need to think about some things. Many of the units sold online have features that are perhaps best fitted to one’s home.

These features include the deep fryer’s size, storage and ease with which you are able to clean the deep fryer – inside and out.

No one’s needs are quite like another’s; there is no one-size-fits-all deep fryer. If you are married, your needs will contrast with those of somebody who lives on his/her own.

If you have kids – all the more cause to think about the size (also, safety would be the key factor here).

For these reasons, we came up with a list of three potential units, each of which fits a different home environment. Before we get there, though, let’s pause and check out some of the qualities that make deep fryers more home-friendly.


As we said, the size is one of the factors governing which unit would suit your specific home setup. Size is vital for two reasons, namely: the space a deep fryer takes up in a kitchen with other appliances in it; the amount needed to feed an entire family using a deep fryer.

Living in a tiny apartment complex, you might find that the best deep fryer makes only one serving per batch. Smaller units are ideal for one-person living arrangements.

You may find that the amount made by shallow deep fryers is just right; the amount can be increased, too, in the event that you deep fry fish inside it.


Using high-powered heating elements, deep fryers can reach very high temperatures, and thus pose the threat of burning. Some deep fryers can reach up to 400ºF; if you have kids, do not allow them too close to the deep fryer.

With that said, it is unsafe to handle hot oil (3 gallons of it, no less!) even when you are an adult.

Deep fryers have several key features added to reduce the potential of unwitting self-harm. Some have lids, which lock when food is placed into it.

Others have safety cords, attached with magnets, which unplug when the unit is jostled.


Cooking oil used to deep fry foods can be reused as long as it is stored properly. At home, you do not want the hassle of transferring used cooking oil.

Some deep fryers store the oil; hence, the fuss of transferring it in and out is eliminated.

In a house with children, you don’t want hot oil carried back and forth carelessly. That’s why an internal storage facility would be ideal in a brand new electric deep fryer.

Small children are at risk around largish deep fryers; a locked lid is thus preferable.

Ease of cleaning

As a homeowner you are in charge of maintaining your deep fryer and making sure it is in good shape. Deep fryers may accumulate debris if they are not looked after.

This debris can be a danger if it ends up entering your deep-fried food.

For ease of cleaning, buy a deep fryer whose chamber comes with a layer of non-stick material. This makes the hand wash simpler and less time-consuming.

A good idea would be to use one’s dishwasher; in that case, purchase a deep fryer that can be disassembled.

The Presto 05420 FryDaddy Electric Deep Fryer

The Presto deep fryer has a record for providing quality deep-fried food in a way that is quite dependable. The unit is simple: made of good-quality material, it makes batches that will feed between one and four persons; the amount of oil used is consistent.

A snap-on lid lets you keep oil stored inside the deep fryer. This makes for much safer storage than having to transfer oil to and from a separate storage vessel.

Secura 1700W Stainless-steel Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer

Several features make the triple-basket deep fryer a superb option for a home unit. For a bit more, this deep fryer lets you pick between three deep-fry baskets: one large and two smaller, similar deep-fry baskets.

Even more food can thus be prepared using the Secura triple-basket deep fryer.

The 1700W element heats up the unit to fry temperature in no time. You can also adjust the heat to the temperature needed to deep fry specific food sorts.

A built-in 60-minute timer keeps track of your food, reminding you to remove it from the oil.

The stainless-steel body can be cleaned easily. Two safe features are the plug (magnetic) and the lid, which comes fitted with a small viewing window.

Proctor Silex Professional-Style Electric Deep Fryer

This unit is perhaps the most compact you will find among household deep fryers. Its small size (1.5L) makes it perhaps the best for small, one-person servings. Full deep-fried meals aren’t an option, though; should your tastes be more exploratory, this unit is ideal.

Prepare side-dishes with a crispy exterior. Meal options for hors d’oeuvres could be infinite. Though the unit is quite small, each comes with a deep-fry basket; this basket makes it an ideal unit to prepare all sorts of deep-fried food.

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